make twitter less bitter
make a tweeter more sweeter
make the cesspit a bit less shit

(donate to charity whenever someone tweets)

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When you sign up an IFTTT is created for you. This is how we connect to Twitter. As soon as we have some money we’ll pay for our own connection to Twitter and remove this step.

it might be someone good,
it might be someone bad,
it doesn’t matter who,
that's completely up to you

btw if you think of a good one you can share it so other people can copy your settings

Here are some unbitter twitterers

what is make it donate?

Make it Donate is a charity donation platform that lets you trigger donations from things that you do and things that happen out in the world, hopefully the video below will give you an idea. In this case we’re connecting it to Twitter so you can trigger donations when people tweet.

see the FAQ here

who can I donate to?

You can currently donate to the following charities and causes.

Planet Earth Cause
UK Food Banks Cause
World Food Programme
Big Issue Foundation
Bumblebee Conservation Trust
Cresswell Crags
Mosaik Education
Whisper Orphans
Big Issue North Trust
Mosaic Trust
Bowel Cancer West

can I get my charity on there?

yes, charity sign up is here

If you think this is a good idea please share it. All of our charities and causes address serious needs and the more they benefit the better. Don't forget you can also typically donate via their homepages so do that too of course. We just thought this could be a bit of fun.