2.6 Challenge passes the £6.4m mark

Not the usual £60million but a great effort non the less.

“Famous names including Stephen Fry, the footballer Gareth Bale, the former rugby union star Jonny Wilkinson, the former athlete Dame Kelly Holmes, the former cricketer Shane Warne and the former heptathlete Jessica Ennis-Hill all took on challenges of their own over the weekend.”

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What Charities Workers are Thinking

Sobering reading. Research from Audience.

And a positive take on the current situation.

“My overriding feeling right now is how proud I am of the sector. Yes, we are struggling. Yes, the government needs to do more. Yes, we’ve had to furlough staff. Yes, there are enormous challenges going forward, but the overarching feeling for me is one of pride.”

CAF Charity Landscape Reports

Donations and technology are still major concerns for the Third Sector.

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Income generation remains the number one challenge for organisations.” and “Charity leaders see technology as a double edged sword – nearly all think that technology will help them to innovate and find new ways to do good, but nearly three quarters believe that technology will change the nature of the problems that charities have to address.”


Call for Charities

Make it Donate is due to launch in the summer, but we need charities for people to donate to. Sign up over here and we’ll be in touch asap.