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Tree Game

Good Games

The idea behind Make it Donate is to trigger charity donations from anything. Something we often ask is, “what would happen if you used donating to charity as a game mechanic?” Could you use it as a reward, or a punishment, or to give a deeper sense of meaning as you effect the real world, outside the game, is a positive way.

There’s a whole world of games for good. A good place to start is Games for Change who help the creation and distribution of games that have a social impact. We think there could be times where adding donations into these types of games could increase their impact, not just because of the money, but because of the heightened emotions involved in giving something tangible.

So we’ve mocked up this little WebGL demo to prove the concept of donating directly from within a game. It’s not much, but shows the full functionality. Every time you plant a tree in the dirt you donate 1p to our Planet Earth cause.

Tree Game