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Make it Donate wins the Cutting Edge Creativity Award

During the last half of 2020 14 International NGOs banded together to source new concepts and tools from around the world to help the 3rd sector respond to our rapidly changing world. Over the last 12 months, then world has experienced changing realities. The non-profit sector, like numerous others, has had to adapt its attitude to the “new normal”. In order to promote sustainable growth in the private sector fundraising position, 14 leaders in the sector to collaborate together and open the future doors by speeding up innovation, with an open call to innovators.

As Diana Ruano from UNHCR so succinctly put it during the awards keynote.

“We are stuck. We are stuck selling the same fundraising products for the last 20 years.”

We were extremely proud that Make it Donate scored the highest score for Innovativeness out of 239 submissions and was awarded the prestigious Cutting Edge Creativity Award. We were also inspired by the hundreds of diverse and creative ideas that were submitted. We are extremely proud to be working in a sector collaborating openly to tackle the worlds larges challenges.